9-25-2012 WOD


Warm-Up / Skills

5X10 Ring Push Ups
5X5 Strict Toes to Bar


12 Minute AMRAP
Run 800M With Med Ball
In remaining time Complete
Burpee Wall Balls
Score is Total number of Burpee Wall Balls Completed

Just an example:

Result Type: AMRAP
Male Rx: 20 lbs
Female Rx: 14 lbs

9/11 WOD



9/11 Tribute WOD
Run 1 Mile
11 Box Jumps (36″/24″)
11 Thrusters
11 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups
11 Power Cleans
11 KBS (2 pood/1.5 pood)
11 T2B
11 Deadlifts
11 Push Jerks
Run 1 Mile

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 135 lbs
Female Rx: 95 lbs

Never Forget…

6/25/2012 WOD



5, 5, 5



15 Wall Balls

12 Box Jumps

9 Toes To Bar

6 Burpees

We hope everyone had a great weekend!  Time to get back to work!

5/24/2012 WOD


2 Minute AMRAP



Max Time L-Sits


21 Box Jumps (30″/24″) – 3 Toes 2 Bar

18 Box Jumps – 6 Toes 2 Bar

15 Box Jumps – 9 Toes 2 Bar

12 Box Jumps – 12 Toes 2 Bar

9 Box Jumps – 15 Toes 2 Bar

6 Box Jumps – 18 Toes 2 Bar

3 Box jumps – 21 Toes 2 Bar

Let’s talk about “No Reps”.  We do not want to tell you that your rep does not count.  In fact, it is awkward for us as coaches to say “Hey good job on that, but you really didn’t get full range of motion.  Sorry, that’s a No Rep.”  As coaches in CrossFit, we MUST hold all of our athletes to a certain standard.  For example, if your sub 4 “Fran” time involves Thrusters that aren’t performed at full depth, or that you didn’t fully lockout overhead- It DOES NOT COUNT!   What if you didn’t get full extension at the bottom of a pull up or that you didn’t completely have your chin above the bar?  Sorry, NO REP!  We do not want to be the mean guys – we want to be the coaches that hold you to a higher standard and in turn make you a better athlete.  Some athletes still have difficulty getting full range of motion, and that’s OK!  We know, if you work at it, eventually you’ll get there!  Do you want to sell the movement short and yourself by completing a sub par rep?    We want quality reps, even if this means you didn’t get that PR you were hoping for, or that you didn’t complete the WOD in the fastest time.  So next time we say “No Rep”, it is not because we are singling you out or want you to suffer through an extra rep – it is because we want you to demonstrate the level of integrity that is associated with our sport, and we want you to become stronger and fitter than you were the day before.

This WOD – No Hip Extension at the top of the box = No Rep – Toes don’t touch the bar = No Rep!  Only because we love ya!


5/16/2012 WOD

Push Press 40% X 5, 50% x 5, 60% x 5
WOD: Regional Event 6
(CF Medford Version)
For Time
3 Rounds
7 Deadlifts
14 Pull Ups
3 Rounds
21 Wall Balls
21 Toes to Bar/V-Ups
28 Burpee Box Jumps
9 Pull Ups
Rich Froning Sets World Record
Julie Foucher Sets World Record
The athlete begins standing behind barbell. At the call of “3-2-1 … Go!” the athlete may reach down and begin deadlifting. Once they complete 7 deadlifts, he or she will move to a set of rings and begin performing muscle-ups. Once 7 muscle-ups are completed, the athlete will move back to the barbell and begin his or her second round of deadlifts. Once a total of three rounds of deadlifts and muscle-ups are complete, the athlete moves on to the wall ball shots.Once the athlete completes 21 wall ball shots, he or she moves to the pull-up bar and begins performing toes-to-bars. Once 21 toes-to-bars are complete, he or she begins the second round of wall balls. Once a total of 3 rounds of wall ball shots and toes-to-bar are complete they move on to the farmer carry.Each athlete will carry a pair of dumbbells 100 feet across the stadium past a box to the designated area and begin burpee box jumps. Once 28 reps are complete, the athlete will carry his or her pair of dumbbells back across the stadium to the designated area by his or her set of rings. Once the athlete completes 3 muscle-ups, the workout is complete.

Time cap: 17 minutes


The athlete’s score is the total time for completing the workout. If he or she does not finish the entire workout within the 17-minute time cap, their score is 17:00, plus a one second penalty for each rep not completed. Each farmer carry counts as one rep. If an athlete cannot complete the three rounds of deadlifts and muscle-ups, he or she cannot advance to the CrossFit Games.

Movement Standards

This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout.

Deliberate bouncing of the barbell is not allowed. Dropping the barbell after the completion of the repetition is permitted. Hitching is permitted, as long as full extension of the knees and hips is eventually reached.

Deadlift, bottom position

Deadlift, top position

In the muscle-up, the athlete must pass from a hang below the rings to support above. At the bottom, the arms must come to a full lock out (with or without a “false grip”) with the feet off the ground. At the top, the elbows must fully lock out while supporting yourself above the rings. A kipping muscle-up is allowed, but the heels may not raise above the height of the rings. Swings or rolls to support are not permitted (if the athlete is kipping, a change of direction under the rings is required).

Muscle-up, bottom position

Muscle-up, top position

Wall ball:
In the wall ball shots, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below knee, and thrown to hit the 10-foot target above the bottom of the sticker. If the ball hits low or does not hit the target, it is no rep. If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground. Catching the ball bouncing off the floor is not permitted.

Wall ball, bottom position

Wall ball, top position

In the toes-to-bar, the athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. Both feet must touch the bar together, inside the hands. The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back to behind the bar, not out front.

Toes-to-bar, top position

Toes-to-bar, bottom position

Farmer carry:
In the farmer carry, the athlete must carry both dumbbells in the hang position from the specified starting area to the specified finish area approximately 100 feet away. The dumbbells must be carried in the athlete’s hands at his or her sides. Holding the dumbbells on the shoulders, or any other way, is not allowed. If the dumbbells are set down prior to the designated finish area, the athlete may not make any forward progress until the dumbbells are once again in the hang position.

Burpee box jump:
The athlete must face the box at the bottom position, with the athlete’s chest and hips touching the ground. The athlete must come to his or her feet and must jump over the box to the other side where the athlete will start the next rep, again facing the box. The jump must be a two-footed jump. Landing on top of the box is allowed, but not required. Each rep, including the final rep, is complete once the athlete has jumped over the box.

From left to right: Burpee, bottom position; Box jump, on box; Burpee, bottom position; Box jump, over box

5/4/2012 WOD

Ken & Chuck KB Swingin’!  Good form Fellas!


Power Clean

70% X 3, 80% X 3, 90% X 3+


3 Rounds For Time

5 Burpee Power Cleans

30 Toes To Bar