9/20/2012 WOD



Exercise: Power Clean/lbs
Reps: 1-1-1-1-1


Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Double Unders

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 75 lbs
Female Rx: 55 lbs

It is almost party time!!  We hope you all can make it to the 1 Year Anniversary Party at CrossFit Medford on Saturday 9/22 at 1PM.  We wanted to thank everyone for making this possible.  Big things to come in the near future!  We’re excited for another year and many more!

7/23/2012 WOD



Power Clean
Set 1: 2 Reps Every 30 Seconds 3 Minutes

*Add Weight*

Set 2: 2 Reps Every 30 Seconds 3 minutes

*Add Weight*

Set 3: 2 Reps On the Minute Every minute 6 Minutes


Run 800M
30 Ground to Overhead
30 Box Jumps
Run 800M

6/13/2012 WOD


Power Clean



“The Chief”

5 Rounds

3 Minute AMRAP

3 Power Cleans (135/95)

6 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Air Squats

1 Minute Rest

Intensity, as we define it, is exactly equal to average power (force x distance / time). In other words, how much real work did you do and in what time period? The greater the average power, the greater the intensity. This makes it a measurable fact, not a debatable opinion. Intensity and average power are the variables most commonly associated with optimizing favorable results. Whatever you want from exercise comes faster with intensity. It’s not volume or duration or heart rate or even discomfort. Do more work in less time (without overdoing it), and you’ll get fitter faster.

Pat Sherwood CFHQ

Get Your Burpees In!  We’re within the last 30 days!

On another note, start writing your scores/times or any other unit of measurement on the board.  Maybe you don’t care about your score (you should, that is how you can measure progress) but somebody else might.  Maybe your score helps them push just a little harder to beat yours and in turn gets them in better shape.  Write your scores down, keep track, get a notebook or something.  If you are not keeping track of your progress you will never know how much better you have become.

5/25/2012 WOD

*Make Up Day*

If you were unable to attend either Monday or Wednesday’s classes you can make up your 1 Rep Max attempts at Front Squat & Push Press.  If you plan on doing this, please hit your Power Cleans first then continue on to your FS & PP.  Try to spend no more than 15 minutes on each exercise.


15 Minutes to find 1 Rep Max Power Clean


“Bear Complex”

7 Sets of the following sequence:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

(then down to a touch and go to start the next power clean)

This is not for time – you can rest wherever just not on the ground.  Try to work up to a heavy load.


Get Strong, Get Fit!

4/27/2012 WOD


Power Clean

75% X 5, 80% X 5, 85% X 5



75 Power Snatches for Time (75lbs.)

*As we grow and more people are entering the Gym, please think back to what it was like when you came in.  You probably didn’t know anyone or what you were getting yourself into.  We have a great group of people in this gym that are coming in for one reason, and that is to get better.  The new people that are entering the gym and signing up are doing that same exact thing.  Say hello, introduce yourselves, try to learn something about them and make them feel welcome.  In time, they will be busting their asses right alongside of you and you will become better for it.  Make the new people feel welcome – if there’s a partner workout grab a new person, show ’em the ropes and help each other out.  You choose to come to the gym because it’s fun.  Remember that and have fun!

Speaking of fun, after the WOD today Beers at the Box – Come One Come All (BYOB)