5-7-2014 WOD

Main – CrossFit

Rope Climb (10 X 1 EMOM 10 Minutes)

Do 1 Rope Climb EMOM X 10

If you have legless – do legless for as long as possible – If you don’t have a rope climb yet – work 2 rope walks or 5-10 Strict Ring Rows.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner WOD Wednesday

15 Minute AMRAP

Partner A Runs 300M
Partner B does AMRAP
15 Air Squats
15 Push Ups

When Partner A returns Partner B goes on Run and Partner A starts AMRAP

*Coomunicate* Partner A will pick up where partner B leaves off –

EX: If A gets back from the run and they are through 9 Air Squats – B will pick up on number 10.