8/5/2013 WOD


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We will be doing the Wendler 5,3,1 program throughout the next 4 weeks on Squat, Press, Deadlift – Pure Strength! Remember with this program we are going to use 90% of our 1RM’s as our 1 Rep Max. So for example if you squatted 200lbs. all of your percentages will be based off of 90% of 200, 180lbs. We will test again at the end of the cycle.

Main – CrossFit

Back Squat (Warmup 2X5, then 75%X5, 80%X5, 85%X5 )

GHD Situps (5X5 in betweenSquats)

Metcon (Time)

Run 800M
Toes to Bar