10-16-2012 WOD



Exercise: Shoulder Press/lbs
Reps: 5-5-5-5


KB Swings
1 Arm KB OH Squat (R)
1 Arm KB OH Squat (L)

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 53 lbs
Female Rx: 35 lbs

Red Bull Stratos…Oh my God, what a crazy event!  Saturday night I went to my buddy’s house to catch the UFC fights – had some beers, watched the fights and shot the shit with a few good men.  We stayed up entirely too late, therefore, had some sleeping to catch up on, on Sunday.  I became aware of the Red Bull Stratos event on Tuesday as they were preparing to launch Felix Baumgartner on that day.  They aborted the mission because of wind speed.  I was on my way home from an individual session on Sunday and looked at twitter really quick and saw today was the day they were launching the Red Bull Stratos event.  I saw that they were showing a live feed on the Discovery channel and put it on when I arrived home.  They were in the ascent phase at about 87,000 feet above Earth and still climbing.  I fell asleep from the rough night.  Kristen came up and said, “Dave, Felix Baumgartner is about to jump.  I thought you would want to watch.”  I popped right up and stayed glued to the TV.  We watched for the remainder of the event.  He opened the hatch and stepped to the edge.  A video camera, on the capsule that took him up into space, was recording the footage.  The view was of the rounded Earth.  There was a moment of silence and then Felix said something that was muffled, gave the old salute and stepped out into outer space.  That crazy Mofo was 24 miles away from Earth.  His initial jump appeared to be under control.  As he was plummeting toward Earth, he fell into a crazy flat spin where, it appeared, that shit had hit the fan.  I sat there in …I don’t even know what the feeling was, can’t explain it.  The TV was following him with an infrared camera because he had reached a speed of 833.9 MPH – Mach 1.24 – faster than the speed of sound and a regular video camera wouldn’t be able to follow him.  The cameras panned back and forth to the control room and his family.  He started to say a few more things that were also muffled and it sounded like panic.  He came out of the flat spin, got his body under control and launched his parachute and descended down to Earth in one of the craziest things I have ever seen.  I still can’t really wrap my head around what the hell this guy was thinking before, during and now after the event.

Monday’s stories are out and I come to find out what it was that he said before the jump.

“I know the whole world is watching now and I wish the world could see what I see…Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are.”

~Felix Baumgartner

The event got me thinking about why he would do something like this (besides a huge paycheck from RedBull).  His mother and girlfriend watched the whole thing unravel.  I love my life.  I love the people that are in it.  I love the fact that I get to help people love their lives too.

I know that we are small, in the grand scheme of things, each and every one of us.  Kristen and I just wanted to say Thank you for giving us a chance to let you enjoy your lives a little more.

Saturday – AMAZING GRACE Event at 10AM.


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