9-29-2012 WOD


Max Distance Med Ball Thruster toss

Warm-Up / Skills

Double Under Skill Work


With A Partner or group of three
20 Rope Climbs (Rop Walks)
100 Pistols (roll to pistols – band assisted)
200M Burpee Broad Jump
400 Double Unders
One Person working at a time – gloves can be worn for burpee broad jumps – pistols will be scaled with bands – if possible, try holding pvc overhead on pistols in OHSQ position

Result Type: Time

You guys kicked ass with the shovels!  We’re glad you embraced the new exercise.  Always remember we are here to teach you proper mechanics and good form so that you can come back tomorrow and kick more ass!  The worst thing that can happen, in our minds, is the inability to come back tomorrow.  Good mechanics = good form = better results!  Pay attention to the instruction, after all, that is what you are here for.  Do not be afraid to scale workouts – this is when the big sign that says check your ego should appear. 

No egos = great progress!

Keep on keepin’ on!