9-15-2012 WOD


Warm-Up / Skills

T – Test of Agility


Partner WOD
1000M Run 200M Intervals
100 HRPU or Push Ups/Other Partner Holds Pull up Bar
100 Squat Box Jumps/Other Partner Holds Plate OverHead
1000M Run 200M Intervals

The 1000M run(5 Sprints) will be divided among the 2 team members. The 100 HRPUs will be divided as you want while the other team member holds the Pull Up Bar. If Partner B drops off the pull up bar, partner A must stop HRPUs. Same rules for Squat Box Jumps – If Partner B can’t hold plate anymore, Partner A stops Box Jumps. Finish with 1000M Run doing 200M intervals (5 sprints).

If we have too many people at class we will change Pull Up Bar hold to mid thigh hold of 95#/65# with a barbell.

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs