8-14-2012 WOD



Wall Facing Handstand holds 3 x :45/1 Minute Rest

*Try to walk your hands as close to the wall as possible so you are almost completely vertical – to scale we will use a box and you will walk your hands up until your arms/upper body & hips are in line.


Power Clean
3 OMEM 10 minutes


SDLHP 95/65
Toes to Bar

*We just wanted to ask you all for a little help.  We have been grinding through some hot days  this Summer and you all have worked hard.  With that hard work in hot temperatures comes sweat.  Sweat on the mats, bars, med balls, bands, plates, GHDs, Wodify mouse etc.  We would love to provide the most sanitary environment possible for a gym that sweats as much as we do.  All we ask is that you spray down your equipment.  You have done a great job with your mat areas but we’ve noticed some nasty bands lately.  Thanks!

Keep kickin’ ass!