6/29/2012 WOD

Coach Dan’s First Class 5:30PM Friday Night!


15 Minutes to Find 1 Rep Max Weighted Push Up (4-5 attempts)


For Time

150 Push Ups

Anytime Set is Broken – Sprint 150FT.

Broken Set = Anything other than a perfect Push Up

Hips Drop/Knees Touch/No Lockout/Butt Raises/Rest At Bottom=Sprint

Be Honest With Yourselves

*Just in case you needed a reminder on How To Do A Proper Push Up*

Score is Time & Number of Sprint Penalties

EX: 13:44 + 9 Sprints

Saturday 6/30/2012 WOD

Warm Up

Run 1 Mile

3×10 Squats


Run 3/4 Mile

75 Air Squats

Run 1/2 Mile

50 Air Squats

Run 1/4 Mile

25 Air Squats