6/14/2012 WOD



Double Unders


12 Minute AMRAP

5 Wall  Walks

20 Sit Ups

40 Double Unders

Awesome classes yesterday!  We had a big crowd and all worked hard.  Many PRs set on the Power Cleans – Nice Work!  We are not sure if anyone noticed but on the left side of the whiteboard there’s spot to put down your goals.  What are your goals?  If you don’t have any, set some.  Here are some examples for goals for today: Get Consecutive Double Unders – Go unbroken on the AMRAP –  Get a complete wall walk all the way to your chest – Get 5 Rounds in the workout.  These are just some for today.  What are your goals for the week? month? year???  Write them down and look at them often!