5/1/2012 WOD

It’s May!

The sun is warmer, the days are getting longer and Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.  Who’s in shape?  We know everyone that has been training with us is getting into that swimsuit figure they have been thinking about all Winter long while grinding out workouts in the cold warehouse we call our gym.

A few things we wanted to point out that will be happening over the next few weeks:

1. 100 Day Burpee Challenge (don’t forget your burpees)

2. Friday night – Kenny Curcio’s Band playing at the http://www.trenopizzabar.com/patio.htm

3. Memorial Day Murph – http://memorialdaymurph.com/ Register, get a t-shirt and donate to a good cause and honor Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy as we do the WOD “Murph”

4. Lateness – we can’t have it.  It interrupts class and, even worse, you don’t get a proper warm up in.  In the spirit of the Burpee Challenge – Every minute late = 5 Burpees!

4. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!  TAG YOUR PHOTOS! *Every Saturday in the month of May is Bring your Friends to CrossFit day!  Let us know if you will be bringing a friend – you know that one that is always saying “man you look great, what are you doing?”  or that other friend that’s saying “I wish I could look as good as you do!”  Tell them it requires hard work, dedication and discipline and I know the perfect place for you to go!

5.  CrossFit is hard!  If it wasn’t then everyone would be doing it.  When you sign up here you are making a commitment to a lifestyle change.  You will go from whatever it was that you were doing before to what you will be doing now.  You make a commitment to exercising regularly and pushing yourself to your limits and beyond.  A comitment to change your diet and care about the fuel you are feeding your body.  This is not a quick fix and if you’re looking for that then you should look somewhere else.


Farmer’s Walks

100 Feet


As a 2 Man/Woman Team Complete

100 Wall Balls

100 Ball Slams

100 Pull Ups

One person working at a time then

Together complete 50 4 count Mountain Climbers