4/12/2012 WOD

Great Job with Fran yesterday!  You guys all showed up and got your benchmark in.  Now, when we hit it again a few months you can see how far you have come in a short period of time.  Keep track of your results, your bands, your weight you used and how you felt throughout the WOD so you know how to improve the next time you do it.

One thing we noticed was a lack of encouragement.  Not that it wasn’t there, there just wasn’t enough of it.  Everyone knows how it feels to grind through a workout.  Negative thoughts creep in your head and its between you and them.  Sometimes they win and sometimes you can overcome them.  When your fellow teammates are there to support you by saying “get one more rep” or “don’t put that bar down” it helps, tremendously.  If, for whatever reason, we have to run two heats and you’re in the first one, don’t leave.  There is still another heat left to go that needs eyes on them and encouragement to keep going or go harder.  We are a team and teammates cheer each other on when they’re tired and pick each other up when they fail.  Be vocal, yell if the music is loud, if you see someone resting too long when you know they can get back on the bar sooner, let them know.  They will thank you for it later.  Let’s make a concious effort to support each other when you see someone tired as shit.  Hell, we know we could use the extra push…


Power Snatch




Power Snatch