3/12/2012 WOD

Into to CrossFit Miller style:

We had heard a few people mention the fact that they have been doing CrossFit. We were curious so we did what most people would do and googled it. Up came Crossfit.com and we started to look through the pages and pages of workouts, technique videos, wods etc. After looking through the website we said to ourselves, let’s try one of these. In 2007 we did our first workout. After years of College sports training we said to ourselves, what’s the worst that can happen.


10 Rounds

12 pull ups
12 Burpees

We reviewed the times posted in the comments section on the website and we felt this would play to our strengths. Little did we know was that the people posting the times had developed what is know as a Kipping pull up. As we went through the WOD we continued to tire and break up the reps. We finished. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t nearly as close to the times posted as we had anticipated. But it kicked our asses and had us laying on the ground looking up to the ceiling saying what the fuck just happened to me. It was awesome and we were hooked. That is our story, What’s Yours?