3/9/2012 WOD

The Open WOD 12.3 incorporates almost every muscle group from your fingertips down through your toes.  That is why we are giving you an option for today’s WOD.  Pick a technique, skill or a lift that you want to hit and work on it.  Still messing up on those Double Unders – practice, Still just can’t get that Muscle Up – try it, Working on a 1 rep max deadlift, lift it.  We are leaving this class up to you!  Pick something awesome and do it and get better!

For the WOD portion of class, you can practice the 12.3 movements, pick any “Girl” or “Hero” workout and go at it.  Did you miss a WOD this week that you really wanted to hit and you just couldn’t get here?  Now is your chance to make it up.

Free reign for all that come to class!  Make sure you pick something and work hard at improving it and hit your WOD hard if you don’t plan on making it Saturday.  If you can’t make it Saturday then do 12.3 today!