2/10/2012 Athlete Profile – Cyndy McCormick


 Athlete Profile – Cyndy McCormick

Name: Cynthia McCormick
Nickname: Cyndy
Age: 57
Occupation: Regional Manager, Casuals Etcetera, Inc.
Hometown: – San Antonio, TX, Okla City, Syracuse, NY-
Favorite WOD: Tabata? Squats, situps, push ups, maybe without the pull ups JK
Favorite Lift: Push Press
How long have you been CrossFitting: October 2011

What class do you usually attend: 6:30a, M,W,F
How did you find CrossFit: posted sign on the roadside
Athletic Background: 30 years as a certified fitness instructor, 13 years certified Pilates Instructor
How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle and overall level of fitness: CF has not only changed me physically to be stronger it has changed me mentally also. It’s a good feeling to leave CF knowing you have finished a CF work out-different and challenging every time. It’s a confidence builder to me to know that I can still do it—maybe not like I once did, but I finished.
What motivates or inspires you: the prospect of living  a longer, healthier life
Name one goal or achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit: to do a pull up-unassisted!
What Hobbies or Interests do you have outside of CrossFit: pilates,  personal stylist, I’m an RN who still enjoys taking care of people

What is something about you that most people wouldn’t know: I am an only child
Any advice for new members:  CrossFit is for all people, all ages, all sizes—everyone fits! The elite train with the rookies without any part of the work out being compromised. The trainers are dedicated to precision instruction and support at all levels.  I’ve been in the exercise industry over 30 years. I have seen many different programs come and go. CF combines the functional training and strength training for an overall goal oriented work out that makes one work to his/her potential. The best part is –it’s a blast—even at 6:30 in the morning!

Cyndy Kickin’ Ass!


With A Partner

Run 2000M

100 HRPU

200 Squats

300 Sit Ups

Run 2000M

*Split it up however you want – 1 person is doing work at a time*