1/31/2012 WOD


Mike getting overhead!


Hang Power Clean



15 Minute AMRAP

10 Thrusters (95/65)

200M Run

*Please Remember* do not to drop the bars.  On a bar that has 25s or heavier loaded on each side it is acceptable to drop the bar out of necessity.  Even then, please try to put the bars down on the ground.  Do Not drop an unloaded bar or a bar that is loaded with 5s, 10s or 15s.  As you notice, these weights are flimsy and they are more likely to bend and or break when dropped from 3′-8′.  An unloaded bar will bend if you drop it and the bars and plates that we have are expensive.  Treat the equipment as if it were your own and it will be there for everyone to use for that much longer.