8/24/2011 WOD


Thruster 3, 3, 3+

WOD – 20 Min AMRAP

10 Hang Squat Cleans

25 Wall Balls


-Finding the motivation to fight through-  In a 20 minute AMRAP there are times when you will question why you are doing this.  The key in this type of workout is to limit your rest time in order to complete “as many rounds as possible” in the allotted time frame.  We all have been there.  You are dripping sweat, your muscles are tired and your mind is starting to question.  You are staring at that bar, medicine ball (insert piece of equipment here) and it is staring back at you.  Sometimes it feels as if this object is speaking to you in some way.  There are many things it can say to you but here is what I feel is most common.  “You can’t lift me anymore and you are not going to get anymore reps” or “Come on man you can do it!  Pick me up and put me over your head, and again.”  Positive Self Talk and a Can Do attitude can go a long way and it is necessary to push through CrossFit workouts in general, and especially the long ones.  So when that bar or medicine ball (insert piece of equipment here) is staring at you, pick it up and get going!