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Coach Dave Miller

Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Wrecking Crew Wrestling Head Coach

Dave Miller has spent the majority of his lifetime watching people move.  The sport of wrestling was Dave’s choice sport and he has competed  ever since the age of four.  He now owns & operates Wrecking Crew wrestling where he continues to coach the next generation of Wrecking Crew Wrestlers.

He began doing CrossFit in 2008, shortly after completing his college wrestling career.  He began his CrossFit Coaching journey in 2011 when he and Kristen opened CrossFit Medford.  During this time Dave has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their goals of improving their overall fitness levels.  Dave prides himself in teaching proper technique and seeing people move correctly.  He loves coaching and seeing the impact it can make on someone’s life.

Coach Kristen Miller

Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

Kristen has been an athlete her entire life.  Her competitive spirit and constant pursuit of “finding the next best thing” has lead her to CrossFit.  Her husband, Dave introduced her to CrossFit in May 2009, where she was instantly “hooked”.  She too, was craving the feeling of an intense and satisfying workout.

Kristen was exposed to many sports growing up.  She soon discovered her love for the sport of swimming.  She made a full commitment to the sport at the beginning of High School.  Basic training wasn’t enough, Kristen, was willing to put forth the extra effort to be the best athlete she could be.  She started weight training under the direction of Joseph Hallman,  who transformed her athletic ability.  Her passion towards nutrition and weight-training are still qualities that are reflected in her every day lifestyle.  After High School, Kristen attended Rider University where she successfully completed 4 years of Division I Swimming.  She was awarded All Conference Champion her Freshman year and continued to improve as an athelete over the course of her college career.

Kristen is excited to teach and change the lives of those exposed to CrossFit.  She finds no greater accomplishment than seeing others achieve their fitness goals.  CrossFit has re-instilled her passion for hard work and determination. She is eager to motivate and re-invent the lives of those individuals willing to take on the challenge!



Coach Carla Mercurio –

Carla found CrossFit in 2010 and immediately fell in love with it. She recognized the undeniable results and the incredible community it fostered and dove right in. She has been a devoted athlete ever since.

Growing up, Carla never played team sports but immediately following college she began pursuing a more active lifestyle. She became enamored with trying new, challenging physical tasks. All of this led her to begin training for her first marathon and subsequently stumbling upon “the sport of fitness.”

CrossFit has had such an unbelievable impact on her life that she now wants to take it to the next level and work to inspire others. Her passion for seeing others go through a similar transformation inside and outside of the gym, both mentally and physically, drives her. Being able to help others make long-term lifestyle changes…and having fun in the process…makes it all worthwhile.


Coach Dan Bryson –


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Coach Brittany DiMedio –

Always involved with sports and team activities growing up, come April 2014 – Brittany was looking for something to fill that void of physical activity and a team like atmosphere in her life. After giving into some peer pressure, Brittany decided to join a group of friends from her current gym at the time and try out this place called CrossFit Medford for their first free class. Terrified of what she would find through the doors of CFM, Brittany ended up getting her ass kicked by what she thought looked like a simple AMRAP and instantly fell in love…of course, after the vomit effect wore off. Since then, Brittany has truly been enjoying parading the fun, successful, goal driven, crazy community that CrossFit promotes & promises day in and day out. Her and her best friend Keri Tait, also an athlete and coach at CFM, decided to go get there L1 together. The goal was not only to further their education, but to be able to one day coach others on this spectacular sport of fitness. Now, as a coach at CFM (and continued athlete of course)…Brittany can not wait for what the future holds. She looks forward to learning more, coaching more, and drinking more – all with her friends who have turned into family at CrossFit Medford.


Coach Keri Tait –

Keri Tait has been a competitive cheerleader and coach for most of her life. Once she graduated college in 2012, and was no longer active with cheerleading, as an athlete or coach, she found herself in an exercise rut. Tired of the boring hamster wheel of a globo gym and wanting to get in shape for her impending wedding, she found a local CrossFit gym. She immediately fell in love with the way CrossFit helped her physically AND mentally. In 2014, she moved to Medford and found her new home at CrossFit Medford (CFM). Wanting to learn more about the sport, Keri decided to get CF-L1 certified. CFM happened to have a couple coaching opportunities and everything fell into place. Keri was missing the coaching aspect of her life and loving CFM’s sense of community and comradery that the gym exudes, she decided to jump at the opportunity. Keri has been pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with the love that she’s found in coaching CrossFit.  To her, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the athlete’s lightbulb switch on in regards to a movement or watching an athlete PR. Keri’s goal at every class is to create a fun environment that you want to show up for. Come try your first free class with Keri and let her show you what CFM is all about!


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